Matchmaking curse

Ever watch Kripp draft? Anyone that has tried this knows it to be true. It's a fun game and it is entertaining much like pro wrestling is entertaining. We know the outcomes are predetermined but it is still fun to watch.


I will never convince a true believer that this isn't a skill game. They can somehow convince themselves that Blizzard will manipulate the RNG to give you a certain amount of rares or better in an arena hand, make quest cards always come out first, guarantee a rare or better in every pack, guarantee a legendary every 40 packs or so, determine how often a card appears in arena drafts, etc - but stop there. It's like they just turn of their logical thought button. If it is easily disprovable that pros are removed from the matchmaking system then please disprove it.

It helps if you read the whole post before you get triggered. I clearly stated that I win as many games as I lose. The game is not rigged against me. There is a difference.


As I said I have 5 golden heroes, all the cards I want, and enough dust to make the ones I don't have. My card back is heroic Naxxramus so you can tell I have been playing a while. I know how to play.

Not that any of that matters because the games are not random. Sorry to burst your bubble. Curse Help Register Sign In.

Hearthstone matchmaking is bad

Hey guys, So today i drafted a 77,6 score arena deck. What the actual fuck? Last edited by user on Apr 18, Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. April , April And apparently 3 out of my 5 matches had better decks than i did? Arena is fucked up since the Witchwood patch. Anyway, would you mind sharing replays of your matches with this deck? Maybe its time to turn off your tracker Just create a new account.

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You will do some high scores first games. The Magic of MMR?

Comment from UTC text is partly luckbased as you earn double Jessies etc.

After games, bad mulligans, bad tempo plays and you lose The OverWolf Score isnt all. My third company app says me a deck is good.

matchmaking is a ♥♥♥♥ing curse :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive General Discussions

But i lose every time the app say this. So the game is rigged Hey, I guess we all have to face the question the dominance of Paladin in arena solutions are not limited but such as: Arena is the most cancerous game mode of any game I play. What a waste of time. So if you think your arena matches are rigged, I laugh at your petty misfortune. To be fair, that is a very stupid way to try and draft a mage deck in arena. But i suppose if i got offered Arugal very early and some books would follow, i might have tried it as well Not sure if you won or not, kinda assume u didnt, in which case, it sucks that you got rolled over by this lel.

Swear to god arena matchmaking is rigged

Yeah, pretty much this. If your opponent has only 7 good cards in his deck, but plays all of them on curve from T1 to T7, chances r you are not gonna win, even tho rest of his deck sucks. Losses at low wins rly are very polarizing and so much more tilting, mostly cause you think that your deck deserves to go higher, but you already got one or more strike making it that much harder. Last edited by Sinti on Apr 23, Why can't I win? I'm pretty sure I said that the game is fun and entertaining. I just don't pretend that the game is something that it isn't. Blizzard has every right to manipulate the game.

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