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But I would like to continue dating you but with sex off the table as I am not comfortable sleeping with someone who may be sleeping with someone else who again may be sleeping with someone else. Then wait and listen.

Do not react to his answer if it is not what you expected to hear. Instead thank him for being upfront with you and that you will get back to him after processing his reply. If you want to then just think it over fine.

1month-5 dates, amazing guy…who just updated his dating app pics

Men do not take too kindly to taking it off the table because it looks like he is getting punished for a boundary you did not set. If you take that route, be prepared for him to back away. It does nothing but make you crazy. Learn the lesson of the sex thing — you should always be clear about what kind of relationship you want and expectations on exclusivity before you have sex.

This does not mean date one, it means in the first few dates and generalized, not about him. You have only been dating a month — a man gets weeks to lock it down and act like a boyfriend.

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He is not in that window yet, and may be testing before he commits. However, if you want to have sex with a guy and need for it to be sexually exclusive then you really do need to have that conversation before having sex. Let him give you his answer, then based on his answer decide if you are ok with continuing having sex with him, or not. Either way you might want to thank him for his honest answer and that it helps you decide what you are ok with.

Then just listen to what he says. If you want sexual exclusivity, then you need to wait until he formally commits to you. If he asks you out on a night you have plans, just say — hi there — so sweet of you to ask me out! Sadly, I already have plans: If you want, you can say when you are available if you want to. But, if you are frustrated, simply say.. Maybe a rain check…. If you name other available days and he delays securing anything or waits to respond, you are a free agent….

But then again I have it before getting physical when the guy is talking about sex and when I am making my decision whether I want to go further with him or not. Oh I agree Lane. I never ever force a guy into a commitment or try to sex a guy into a commitment.

It just means that sex and fooling around is off the table. If not, there is always NEXT ;. In my opinion what it all comes down to in relationships, dating, sex, etc. There are absolutely NO guarantees.

Which love it's the magical one "I love you" also I am in love with you" More powerful than anyone age! If you really love that person you are so interested in you would move heavens and mountains to reach them! Originally Posted by coolheadal.

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What gets me that the fact is you already answered your question and yet you still need to ask for advise. Time to move on go find a real man for your heart and not one who is dropping off it.

Topic: 1month-5 dates, amazing guy…who just updated his dating app pics

This is true, we just parted ways and I'm feeling better that I dodged a bullet. He said he "really likes me" and is sad it's not working out. Originally Posted by bpb That says it all. If he isn't the BF then you are not allowed to impose rules on him.

Just because he said he really likes you, doesn't mean it's the truth. It's sad it's not working out, means not really into you and doesn't really like you. Leave the jerk you did that good girl now find a real man for your heart. Let the losers stay loser and let the winners into your heart now! Yeah in the future I definitely wouldn't Jay so long without the guy trying to make it exclusive if something srs is what you want It won't take months for him to figure it out.

I'd honestly give it a 4 dates max and if exclusivity isn't agreed on then move on Sorry honey but you need to next this guy, no guy at this stage who was interested in you would be updating his bio and pictures. Originally Posted by Cookiesandough. Originally Posted by kendahke. Attempting to reprimand a grown man will not go over well. Just delete and block him and move on. That's how you deal with someone you feel is playing you: Update your dating profile, bait the hook and drop your line in the water.

Your involvement reached the point where weak foundational relationships fail. It may have been serious to you, but to him, something was lacking for him, so he lost interest. Don't hold out hope for this guy or any other guy you meet off online dating, since you're not the only candidate out there for him. While maybe he was being truthful about you two being a good match for one another, he's not closed off to seeing what other girls he can match with in the meanwhile. I'm hearing y'all loud and clear lol. I've deleted my profile and the app so I'm not tempted to try to use it to spite him OR keep up with him.

I guess I wanted to hear HIM say he did it to get a reaction from me.

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Thanks for the honest, v real responses: Hopefully he is smart enough to run, he will save himself a lot of trouble. And maybe you will learn a lesson from this. Obviously you played the game and lost. The thing I want to applaud is that you have gracefully accepted feedback. I imagine that you're quite young just a guess based on this post , but I hope you've learned something from the experience. It's refreshing to read comments from a poster who seems less defensive and more open. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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He just updated his dating profile?

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