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After suffering with Caleb's betrayal, Hanna now has to decide if she'll be able to forgive him, or just let him go. Meanwhile, Hanna has to struggle with the marriage between her father, Tom, and her soon-to-be step-mother, Isabel. Her friendships Aria, Emily and Spencer grow — angering Mona, who thinks that maybe she has lost her friendship with Hanna.

Hanna ultimately forgives Caleb, and they reunite. In order to find out who is "A," the girls ask Caleb for help, and Hanna worries about it. The season ends with Hanna finding out that Mona is the person behind the anonymous "A. Hanna is trying to overcome Mona's betrayal, and she decides to visit her at the Radley Sanitarium in order to get some answers. Hanna's relationship with Caleb keeps going, until they break up when Caleb gets tired of Hanna's lies—principally when she covers up her visits to Mona.

Plus, Hanna gets closer to Wren Kingston, but she avoids a possible relationship. Hanna is also accused of stealing Alison's body by Officer Wilden. Caleb and Hanna hook up once again when he finds out that a new "A" emerged recently. After the events of the third-season finale, Hanna and the girls now have Mona on their side.

Meanwhile, Hanna starts to suspect that her mother may have killed Officer Wilden.

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On Halloween, the girls connect in Ravenswood, a town next to Rosewood. Hanna and Caleb's relationship ends when Hanna decides that Caleb should know what's behind his past in Ravenswood. Hanna's relationship with the girls is growing stronger and stronger with each tragedy. In the season finale, Hanna and the girls find out that Alison is still alive. With Alison's return to Rosewood, Hanna struggles with her identity and individuality.

Determined to be her own person, Hanna gets a makeover.

Are Pretty Little Liars Stars Caleb & Hanna Dating Off Screen?

Her insecurities are not helped when Caleb returns to Rosewood, with secrets of his own, and the pair begin drinking. When Caleb finally opens up to Hanna, things between them get back to normal. Being accepted into her choice of colleges, Hanna scrambles to collect enough money when her father refuses to pay for her education. Desperate, and at a loss of other options, Hanna enrolls in a beauty pageant for the cash prize, only to fail miserably. She, along with the other girls, are being transported to prison when they are abducted and held captive by "A" in a species of house for hostages.

Following the events in which 'A' kidnapped Hanna and her friends on their way to the prison and imprisoned them in the Dollhouse, Hanna is showing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder , and she relieves herself through anger. After a collapse, she destroys her bedroom and temporarily breaks up with Caleb; plus, she does not want to be overly-protected anymore and decides to find out once and for all who "A" really is.

She starts investigating with Spencer, and gets a list of suspects. However, none of her suspects is the real one. The second person behind "A'" mask is revealed to be CeCe Drake. Hanna embarks into a life that focuses on fashion shows , in which Caleb doesn't seem to fit. These fights drive them apart, and they break up once again. Years later, Hanna, along with her friends, returns to Rosewood. Hanna, the Liars, and Caleb are walking down the street with Hanna trying to convince them that Noel is A.

However, they don't believe her and don't want to help, so she walks away. Caleb follows her and grabs her arm gently and she turns to him sharply yanking away, telling him not to. She asks him when her friends are going to realize that Noel Kahn is the one that they're after, and Caleb states that they just want to be certain. Jenna and Mary are still out there, after all.

Hanna asks how much more proof they need then the words, " I see you ", being written across her car window.

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Those were the same words that Noel wrote on Ezra's car at Camp Mona. Caleb knows this, and Hanna thinks that this means he doesn't believe her either. He states that he just wants to be completely sure before they do anything, but Hanna insists that she's sure and states that if he's not, she doesn't know what will change his mind at this point.

She starts to walk away with Caleb following her, when a car revs up and tries to run them both over. Caleb pushes her out of the way but is hit by the car which was being driven by Noel, and Caleb lays on the road bloody and not moving. Hanna screams in terror, and wakes up with a start before realizing that it was all just a dream.

She then calls Caleb and heads over to his room. She arrives at his room at the Radley and walks in, asking him repeatedly if he's okay with him telling her that he's fine - really, a number of times. She is so relieved to hear this that she hugs him, with him hugging her back comfortingly.

The release one another and she looks at him before asking how it's going with the information, even though she's still visibly distraught. He states that it's not going that great, he's being looking over all the pictures Hanna and Spencer took of the lockbox, but everything except for Mary's DNA is in a code he can't crack. He then assures Hanna that he's doing his best, and she states that there's been no sign of Mary anywhere - at Alison's or the Lost Woods, and asks him about Jenna. He says no as Jenna hasn't left her room, and Hanna makes a comment about Noel.

He then tells her to give him her phone, and hands her a new one which she is confused about.


Are Pretty Little Liars Stars Caleb & Hanna Dating Off Screen? | Wedded Wonderland

He states that the new phone is one-hundred percent bug free, and has something for everyone as well, as they can't be too careful with Noel and Jenna on the prowl. Hanna asks him if he's serious, as she hates breaking in new phone. He chuckles but states that Noel managed to find his way into her dreams, and that's close enough.

He hands her the phone which she takes after she hands him her old phone. Grunwald arrives at Hanna's door and she lets the woman in.

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She asks Hanna if she's alone, and Hanna realizes what she means and says that she and Caleb are complicated. Grunwald reveals that the reason she came is because she had a dream that left her with the feeling that their is darkness around Hanna and Caleb and asks if the two of them are alright. That night, after the Liars refuse to believe that Noel is A.

She goes to Caleb's room in the Radley, and knocks on the door and Caleb answers. They greet each other, and Hanna tells him that the reason she stopped by is because she's going to be off the grid for the next couple days.


He asks her why and what is going on, and she states that she's going to New York to do some design work for the line her and Lucas are creating. Caleb offers to go with her, but she tells him rather sharply that she'll be fine on her own despite him insisting otherwise. He says okay and they share a moment, and he asks where she's going to say but she says that she doesn't know yet but she'll figure it out She states that she has to go, and he wishes her a safe trip. She walks down the hallways and he watches her go as he stands just outside his door.

She stops and looks around with her eyes, before turning and going back to hug him tightly.

Who's the best ship?! We honestly can't decide; we love BOTH couples! But what do you think?

The pair hug and then share a moment afterwards, before she leaves once again with him watching her go. While at Spencer's, the group talk about the police finding out about Archer's death. Caleb asks if she means the fact that Hanna ran him over or the fact that they buried him like a dog, with Emily saying that it was an accident. Spencer states that they knew how it looked they wanted to protect Hanna, who the group now know is missing.

Caleb decides to try calling her again, and Mona suggest pinging her phone, but Caleb states that he gave her a new one that can't be hacked. The phone just rings before it goes to voicemail, and Caleb worriedly hangs up the phone. The group decide to call the police and report Hanna as being abducted. The next day, Hanna returns to Spencer's and apologizes to the group for leaving.

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Caleb then enters asking what's going on, and Hanna turns around and the two share a look. She greets him, and Caleb looks at her shocked, but relieved that she is okay. The pair went to Hanna's loft, where she is on her phone to her mom telling her that everything is fine and that she should stay where she is. After she hangs up, Caleb asks if she calmed down yet or not.