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Wavves has also grown up since Every time a kid jumped on stage and danced around, a man in a button-down shirt appeared from the side and gave the young punk a shove back into the crowd. How fucking punk is that? How punk is it?

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The first show we ever played was at a place called Echo Curio in LA, which is no longer there. It was just the two of us and we played with a MiniDisc player, like the drums sequenced onto the MiniDisc player and we never looked at the audience. I hardly still look at the audience but we just looked down.

We had the smallest amps. Yeah, we had practice amps. We have like two songs on the Internet. What do you take from the stage performances? Just to have fun.

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Looking back, why was it important to go through that process, playing smaller venues? We had done shows with other bands that we were in that were totally small, like playing in basements, before Best Coast. So we both kind of came up…. Best Coast's sophomore effort, The Only Place , was released in and featured a cleaner sound than their previous releases. Cosentino had been around the Los Angeles music scene from a young age, and had been involved in talent competitions, musicals, audition tapes, and commercials for Little Caesars.

Cosentino began uploading her music to MySpace under the name "Bethany Sharayah". Brown attempted to act as a "big sister" to Cosentino, who seemed "sort of depressed, missing music, [and] feeling a bit weird about some of her friends. The recordings were supervised and produced by Bobb Bruno, a multi-instrumentalist stalwart in the city's music scene.

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Best Coast: 'We still aren't very professional'

The band's second 7-inch single, "When I'm with You", was financed by Black Iris, which functioned as both a music and film production agency. Jeffery Kaye, label manager of Mexican Summer, discovered the band's music online. Crazy for You became a mainstream success upon its July release as a result of Internet buzz.

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It entered the Billboard at number 36 with 10, units sold and debuted at No. Cosentino hid her vocals behind layers of reverb and distortion, which was an extension of her onstage anxiety.

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The band continued to gain popularity over the course of and , due in part to touring and festival appearances. During this period, much of the band's press consisted of details on Cosentino's relationship with Wavves' Nathan Williams.

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The two collaborated and toured together throughout [3] in a joint effort dubbed the Summer Is Forever tour. Cosentino felt that her life had dramatically changed in the two years following its release, having never spent so much time away from home. Brion, who admired Crazy for You and its production, planned to stay out of the way during sessions, hoping primarily to bring out Cosentino's vocals and emphasize the low-end of the mixes. Brion noted that the duo "were curious to not use the reverb thing as a crutch. The duo toured with the Pixies in early The duo released their third studio album, California Nights , on May 5, The album was initially reported to be produced by Butch Walker.