Im dating my neighbor

You did this to yourself.

How to date your neighbor: 8 simple rules

You made your bed, and now you must lie in it while listening to her having loud sex below you. Of course, the appeal of the hot neighbor is impossible to deny; how can you consistently rebuff a lovely visage you see every day on the stairs? I can drown her in a bathtub filled with love. Still gorging on WhoNus in the community living room, the Ex rushed in, searching for her overnight bag.

How to date your neighbor: 8 simple rules

She did not make eye contact. The only cool person anyways.

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After our breakup, I found myself not only single but friendless and surrounded by creepy neighbors demanding to know the tawdry details. Ideally, the ex will vanish after the breakup. Not like Roanoke, mind you, just gone from your field of view — unless you happen to visit that one Jewel Osco she goes to on Southport, but why would you do that?

But with a neighbor ex, she haunts your life, reminding you of your inadequacies every time you check the mail Well, maybe if I had curly Frodo hair and knew what dubstep is….

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  8. Personally, I like to imagine all my exes moved to a different plane of existence, somewhere boring and joyless, but the neighbor ex, you can hear her having parties and laughing through the wall. Should I blast the Road to Perdition Soundtrack nonstop during her party? Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Reblogged this on Casa de la K and commented: I dated my neighbor.

    It is so horrible when it ends and do you know what tops that? Your Ex — boyfriend neighbor is dating another of your mutual neighbors!!!

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    Yes hearing the laughter, and sex is now coming at you in true surround sound! Additionally, since you probably spend most of your time together, you will learn intimate details about the person you may rather not know at first.


    You might feel "smothered," or think that your neighbor is always keeping tabs on you. Unless one of you moves after breaking up, you're going to see the person quite often.

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    This can be very upsetting and uncomfortable, especially if you see the person with his new romantic interest. You may be so upset by this that you feel it's time to move, even if your home is otherwise perfect for you. And if you were friends with the person before the breakup, afterward, you may no longer be. Melissa King began writing in She spent three years writing for her local newspaper, "The Colt," writing editorials, news stories, product reviews and entertainment pieces.

    She is also the owner and operator of Howbert Freelance Writing. If you're friends with your neighbor, you may develop a romance, too. Meet Singles in your Area!

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    Close Proximity It may be obvious, but living so close to your romantic interest can be a definite benefit. Things in Common You and your neighbor chose to live in the same neighborhood, so you probably have a few things in common. Other Benefits When you date someone who lives next door to you, you are likely to see much of what goes on in her life.

    Less Privacy If your partner lives next door to you, it isn't as easy to have a little bit of time for yourself. Breaking Up Unless one of you moves after breaking up, you're going to see the person quite often.

    Do Not Date Your Neighbor

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